If you’ve just discovered hydro dipping, you might be wondering what can you hydro dip?  Well, you’ll be pleased to know that you can hydro dip just about anything! 

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This cool painting technique works on many materials — fabric, metal, wood, plastic — you name it.  Before you start your project, you have to decide on what you’re going to hydro dip.  Whether you’re new to hydro dipping, or already have some experience under your belt, you’ll learn there’s a world of things that people dip.

Want to change up your shoes?  Give your phone case a new look?  Customize your game controllers?  Hydro dipping offers endless possibilities with designs and a guarantee that every object will be one of a kind.  

As long as you use the right techniques and methods, your imagination is the limit in what you can hydro dip. 

Of course, some items are more popular than others.  So here’s a list of the best things to hydro dip!

Hydro Flasks & Tumblers

Hydro flasks are everywhere you look.  Although you can get them in different colors, you can take your customization to a new level by hydro dipping.  You can use any of the hydro dipping methods on hydro flasks.

Household Items

There are many items lying around the house that you could completely reinvent with hydro dipping.  These items also tend to be great to practice your technique on. 

Glass bottles or vases can be dipped and have flowers put in them.  Also consider mugs and cups (on the outside), outdoor pots, and water bottles.  If you are looking to practice, then just about anything you can find around the house will work!  Make sure to use primer. 


Shoes are one of the best things to hydro dip.  Choose from this collection of white shoes to make your hydro dipped fashion statement.  The spray paint technique is the most popular to hydro dip shoes, followed by the hydrographic film method.  

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Nike Air Force 1

By @alessandro_capitaniguerra

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars High Top

By Dylan & Vincent

Vans Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes

By @marafcb
By @makfree.art

Electronics and Accessories 

You can dip cases for electronics, and you can also dip electronics themselves!  However, electronic items must be properly prepared so that only the outer casing is hydro dipped and/or any openings are sealed off.  

Any electronic item can be hydro dipped using either the spray paint method or hydrographic film. 

iPhone Cases

(Credit: Gearbest)

Everyone wants to stand out by accessorizing their most used commodity: their phone.  

You can choose to hydro dip the white Apple Silicone Case if you want the logo or get a generic soft case or hard case for the iPhone 11.  

If you aren’t an Apple user, don’t worry, hydro dipping will work for any case made for any phone. 

Apple AirPods

(Credit: Yit Reviews)

While you might find that AirPod charging cases are sold in a variety of designs already, you can hydro dip them to make yours truly priceless.  Yes! Even the AirPods themselves can be hydro dipped (not just the charging case).

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Xbox and PS4 Controllers 

Match your controllers to your console with unique hydro dipped marble effects using spray paint.  You can even try printing your favourite game characters and layouts using hydrographic film. 

Or just hydro dip the controllers!

By @lukevangogh

Musical Instruments


Guitars are almost exclusively hydro dipped using the swirl paint method which tends to produce more of a psychedelic pattern.  This works well for any wooden object. 

By @a_swirled_apart


All kinds of guns can be hydro dipped — from Nerf guns to real rifles.  Camouflage-based designs are the choice print for those who love hunting and the outdoors.  As with electronics, you must disassemble and/or seal the gun so that only the outer casing is dipped.  

Nerf Guns

Nerf Longshot swirl painted (Credit: Blaster Mods)

Airsoft Guns

By Lazereyes24 Airsoft

Real Guns

Diamondback AR15 Rifle (Credit: All Things Fun Hydrographics)

Deer Skulls 

(Credit: Kassidie Russell

Want to add flair to your prize hunt?  Surprisingly, unconventional materials like bone can be hydro dipped and make great wall pieces. 


(Credit: mulpix)

The original hydro dipping craze began with car parts.  Hydrographic film is best suited for car parts giving you a smoother finish than vinyl.  It also lets you print any complex design you wish. 

Popular parts to dip include engine covers, interior trim, and rims.


(Credit: Custom Creative Solutions)

Why settle for a bland, single color interiors when you can have any design or pattern in there?


The ultimate style fixture for cars, rims can be specially customized using hydrographic film. 

Under the Hood

A paint job as thorough as hydro dipping on components under the hood adds protection and flare. 

By @bedlam_customs
By @customliquid


We hope this guide has given you some inspiration as to what you can hydro dip!

As long as you prep the surface of your object well, and practice your technique, anything can be made unique by hydro dipping.  Not only will your stuff look awesome, most of it will also be more durable and resistant to wear. 

Have fun dipping! 

[Do you have additional suggestions for what we can hydro dip? Let us know!]

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